Video Game Development- Understanding the process

The process of creating a video game is known as video game development. A developer leads the project, which can range from a single person to a multinational team distributed around the world. Traditional market PC and console game development is typically financed by a producer and can take several years to complete. Independent games usually require less time and resources to develop and can be developed by individuals or small teams.

Since developers cannot benefit from the continuous release of repeated updates and replicas, the game industry needs creativity. Every year, new independent production companies go on to create successful games and some companies go out of business because they can’t find a publishing deal or because their project is not successful.

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Game development services at Webixy include 2D and 3D game development, iPhone and Android game development, Facebook and other social media game development, interactive and appealing game themes development, mobile and web game development, excellent maintenance services and support.

A brief understanding of the development process-

A brief understanding of the development process

Idea and Planning- 

A game development, manufacturing, or design process starts with a vision or idea. The game concept may fall into one or more genres. Coming up with an idea is the most vital and one of the hardest steps of the process. 


This is the step where ideas are laid out, strategized, and a roadmap is developed. Writers, engineers, artists, designers, developers, all sit together and decide on the various features of the video game. From creating the USP of the game down to the most common aspects, everything is discussed and decided. 

It is an essential and decision-making stage of the process. All the people involved must be on the same page and should keep an open mind. 


This is where the idea is turned into reality. This part of the process can take months and years to complete. Several issues arise in the production process of a video game. Sometimes months of progress is scrapped and the project is started from scratch. 


This part of the process involves various important steps including testing and launching. The game developed is run for various tests and against numerous analytic tools. Any issue or bugs found are resolved. 

Launching is the most exciting stage for the entire team. Their hard work, dedication, and efforts are finally going to yield results. After the launch, the game is closely monitored and any issue if arises is immediately fixed. 


Now that you have a brief idea of the game development process and knowledge about one of the best game developers in Kanpur, stop scrolling endlessly and begin with your dream project. 

Remember that the process of game development is hectic and complex, mistakes are bound to happen. So, trust the professionals and don’t put on your overthinking cap.

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