Understanding SMS Marketing and Its Benefits

SMS Marketing is the use of text messages to distribute promotional campaigns or interactive marketing messages. These alerts are often used to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and reminders to people who have agreed to receive them from your company. Text messaging is a simple and effective way to communicate with customers. Email and text message marketing are two channels that complement each other well. You can create a successful campaign by using both channels, email for more detailed information and SMS for time-sensitive or urgent information.

In general, the aim of SMS marketing is to create a subscriber database in order to improve customer satisfaction. Text message marketing is an excellent way to alert your customers of any immediate deals without having to use push-notification services. It can be a perfect way to give notifications for future events and connect with your audience by asking their views, in addition to reminding them of upcoming offers.

In the B2B sector, SMS campaigns can be highly effective. In this blog post, we’ll discuss text message marketing, SMS marketing services, and the best SMS marketing company in Kanpur.

Benefits of SMS Marketing 

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Text Marketing is Direct and Personal 

SMS is among the most direct and immediate options with a reading rate of 97 percent within 15 minutes of delivery. This means you can be confident that your time-sensitive messages will be read quite immediately. When coupled with other common platforms such as email, text campaigns deliver a successful ROI.

Text Messages Combine Well with Other Channels 

Text message marketing performs even more effectively when combined with other complementary channels such as email and social media platforms. SMS is an excellent independent channel, but it can also be used to strengthen and promote other communication channels used by the company.

For example- You can remind your customers via text to check the deals on your social media platforms or also notify them about the promotional emails.

Increased Customer Engagement 

Consider SMS marketing as an effort to improve the brand interaction with customers. B2B companies must consider the sort of content they deliver via SMS; while buyers appreciate alerts and updates, some information is better delivered via email. You don’t have the room to be much creative or innovative in text messages while this is not the case in emails.  Moreover, brands may use text marketing for more instant and anticipated sales-related deals including coupons, rewards, etc.

Use of Short codes 

Allow your customers to take the initiative by using a shortcode or keyword in the text messages. Customers who are familiar with a company’s brand code and keywords are more willing to communicate and reply as a result of this action.

Text Campaigns are Scalable 

Tracking and analyzing significant Returns on investment, recognizing customers communicating via text message, and tracking delivery rates are all possible in Text messaging. Businesses may use these insights to develop more tailored campaigns and gain a greater understanding of their customer database. SMS marketing not only reduces costs and improves ROI, but it also helps the B2B company to reach the audience by identifying and targeting the customers that are most likely to respond.


As traditional as it may be, text marketing is effective and is here to stay. Text campaigns not only bring results but are also cost-efficient. We suggest you take the help of the experts to design a text marketing campaign best suited for your business requirements. Webixy is the best SMS marketing company in Kanpur. They provide their clients with excellent and budget-friendly SMS marketing services. They have years of expertise and knowledge in the field.

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