Mobile App Development- A lucrative market in India

Understanding the Big Why

By 2024, India will have the world’s largest developer workforce. In an unprecedented case, India installed more mobile applications than any other nation in 2019 including the USA, which ranked second with three billion installs. 4.5 billion apps were installed in India in the first quarter alone.  According to Sensor Tower reports in 2019, India also had the highest number of ‘new’ installs on Google Play Store globally. 

There are currently over 500 million smartphone users in India and the number is projected to go over 800 million by 2022. Naturally, this massive usage has resulted in an increase in the market for software and development services.

Each and every industry is now invested in software and mobile app development. The technology is not just restricted to the IT sector, it is now expanding to non-IT sectors as well. Every business now has an application or website of its own. 

India has crossed a threshold where an increasing number of citizens of all income levels own smartphones, enabling organizations, government, and non-government to use mobile apps to provide public assistance and relevant services. This has resulted in a booming smartphone economy that employs hundreds of thousands of people per year. According to the PPI, India had 1.67 million app economy jobs as of August 2019, representing a 39 percent increase since May 2016.

The Market of Mobile App Development 

The Market of Mobile App Development

India currently has a broader mobile user base than any other country, but it is also in the early stages of building an app economy. If you are a major app developer or marketing company and do not have a plan for the Indian market, it is time to build one. In India, Android users outnumber iOS users. Companies are now entering the Android app development industry as the market share of Android users in India keeps expanding. After the launch of Jio in India, the number of smartphone users increased in an extraordinary way. And when the number of smartphone users increases, so does the market for mobile applications.

The demand for Android app developers in India has increased and will continue to rise in the coming years. Every year, large companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo release new smartphones which has raised the bar for Android. Android App Development will continue to grow and the market will flourish in the near future. As the Smartphone market grows, so do the opportunities for android mobile app development in India. Developers with skills, knowledge, and experience can earn decent compensation in this industry.



E-commerce has paved the path for yet better growth of the mobile app development industry. People now love to shop online. Almost every major brand has its own online shopping application now. The Covid-19 pandemic has only encouraged online shopping behavior and people who used to be traditional buyers have also embraced the perks of online shopping.

Video Games 

Video Games

Video games have grown in popularity among today’s youth. The gaming sector’s requirement for Android mobile applications is also on the rise. In India, the gaming industry provides the highest return on investment. This generation’s love for video games is increasing the demand for Mobile app development in India.


Now, almost every industry has the requirement of mobile applications- E-commerce, gaming, education, banking, entertainment, social media, and more. If you are in a business that requires mobile app development or you want to step into the mobile app development sector, this is the time to get on with it. Webixy is a leading mobile app development company in Kanpur and Delhi. They provide cost-efficient, well-strategized, and end-to-end mobile app development services to their clients. They have highly skilled and qualified professionals who have years of experience and knowledge in the field.

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